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Enable Automatic Updates for WordPress

Enable Automatic Updates for WordPress Plugins and Themes

Learn how to enable automatic updates for WordPress plugins and themes to keep them updated always. Outdated tech can be a security risk.

Cloud-Native Storage & Kubernetes Experience

How Cloud-Native Storage Can Simplify Your Kubernetes Experience?

Cloud-Native Storage can help a lot in simplifying the Kubernetes process. The staff can easily manage the Kubernetes data hurdles.

Disable File Editing in Admin Area

Disable File Editing in WordPress Admin Area

Improve WordPress website security by disabling file editing in the WordPress admin area. Learn how to do this in this simple step-by-step tutorial.

Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

How to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress?

Limit login attempts in WordPress to protect the Website login page.
Prevent Brute Force Attack by installing a small plugin.

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How to Disable Image Hotlinking in WordPress easily?

Learn how to disable image hotlinking in WordPress site easily. Prevent the wrong, and illegal use of your content, and save money and time.

Add Security Questions to WordPress Login Page

How to Add Security Questions to WordPress Login Screen?

Add security questions to WordPress login screen to tighten the WordPress security. In few steps you can quickly do it yourself.

JadeBlue Case Study

Increasing JadeBlue Speed and Performance by 2X

ServerGuy optimized the JadeBlue server and platform to boost up the store.
Reduced the loading time, and blocking time to improve the performance.

Best WordPress Firewall Plugin

Top 10 Best WordPress Firewall Plugin to Filter Spam Traffic

Looking for the best WordPress firewall plugin to tighten up the security of your website.
We analyse and listed the top 10 WordPress WAF plugins.

Change WordPress Login URL

How to Change WordPress Login URL?

Learn how to change the WordPress login URL with or without plugins, easily, and safely.
Step by step process to harden WP login security.

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