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open source load testing tools

9 Top Open Source eCommerce Load Testing Tools

Load test your online store with these free open source eCommerce Load Testing Tools.
Prepare your site and servers for the sudden traffic hikes.

Types of image Files

8 Types of Image Files and When to use Them

Confuse about whether to use a JPG or PNG? Or what these extensions mean?
Learn about 8 types of Images Files and when to use them.

Brute Force ATtack

What is Brute Force Attack? How to Secure your Site?

Brute Force Attacks is a popular password cracking attack.
Learn more about the Brute Force Attack and how to secure your site.

Reduce Server Response Time

How to Reduce Server Response Time in WordPress?

Learn how to reduce server response time on WordPress to boost the loading speed of the site.
8 Ways to Optimize for TTFB.

Leverage Browser Caching

How to Fix Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress? (4 Ways)

Fix Leverage browse Caching warning from the Google Page Speed Insight.
4 ways to boost the loading speed of your WordPress site.

Image SEO Optimization Tips

50 Image SEO Tips | Optimizing Images for Search Engines

50 Image SEO Tips that you can implement right now and observe vast improvement in your search engine optimization efforts.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite

6 Must Read Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite

There are pros and cons of WordPress multisite that site owners must know before setting it up.
6 Advantages & 6 Disadvantages to know.

ERR SSL VErsion Error


Looking to fix ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE on Google Chrome.
This post will help you to solve the errors and issues regarding SSL.


How to Fix PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) Error (Solve)

How to solve PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) solve while updating or installing the WordPress theme and Plugin.

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