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shared vs cloud vs dedicated

Shared Vs Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting: Top 7 Differences

There are a lot of options available in the market, you need to dig deeper into Shared vs Cloud vs Dedicated hosting to decide which best suits …

SSL Certificate Cost

Comparison: SSL Certificate Cost, Features & Brands

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is the first step to data encryption and ensuring customer trust. There are different SSL certificate cost, brands, and levels …

ssl for ecommerce

EV SSL for eCommerce Website: Why It’s The Right Time to Have It?

SSL for eCommerce has become as vital as a Payment Gateway. The logic is simple. SSL certificate for eCommerce site ensures your customers’ transactions are …

install ssl certificate

How to Install SSL Certificates: An Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

The SSL certificate will help your website show HTTPS sign. This means you can securely transfer information from point A and B. SSL is critical …

Magento Scanning Serverguy blog

How to Perform External And Internal Magento Scanning?

According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), over 6,000 online stores running on the Magento platform have been hacked from 2015-17. Even today, …

CLOSED 2 Serverguy blog

Best 6 Magento Security Extensions to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Secure

Magento is certainly very popular. There are about 11% of the E-commerce websites are running on Magento. Undoubtedly, this makes it a lucrative target for …

CLOSED 1 Serverguy blog

7 Reasons Why Magento Marketplace Is Replacing Magento Connect

The official source of Magento extensions, Magento Connect is going to shut down this month. The Magento Marketplace which was introduced last year will become …

Optimize Ecommerce Store for Festival Season

7 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Store for Festival Season

Optimize eCommerce Store for Festival Season to save lots of money, and retain customers for the long term. Our expert talked about it.

Why Host in India 1 Serverguy blog

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Cloud Servers in India

Cloud servers in India are like oxygen to businesses today. No, that’s not hype but they are indeed packed with lots of benefits that can’t …

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