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7 Reasons Why Magento Marketplace Is Replacing Magento Connect

The official source of Magento extensions, Magento Connect is going to shut down this month. The Magento Marketplace which was introduced last year will become …

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Losing Festive Traffic? 7 Easiest Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store

September is almost over and the festive season is near. Your customers are probably delaying their shopping plans for that big sale. Well, at least …

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Cloud Servers in India

Cloud servers in India are like oxygen to businesses today. No, that’s not hype but they are indeed packed with lots of benefits that can’t …

Benefits of managed hosting

Top 6 Benefits of Managed Hosting For Every Business

There are many types of Web Hosting. Website owners are now realizing the benefits of Managed Hosting. Compromising on managed hosting can cause serious problems due …

cpanel security

cPanel Security: 7 Best Ways to Secure your cPanel in 2020

cPanel security is a vital job. Follow these 7 tips to enhance your cPanel security so nobody can hack your cPanel. Secure cPanel.

Why Host in India Serverguy blog

Top 3 Reasons to Host In India

Why should I host in India is a commonly asked question we encounter almost every day… Before I jump onto explaining the benefits of hosting …

choose best dedicated server

Choose the Best Dedicated Server: An Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best dedicated server for your business could be a task. But once you have found your soul web hosting provider, it is a …

Why Dedicated Servers

Advantages of Dedicated Servers Hosting over Shared Hosting

In this article I am going to tell you the advantages of dedicated servers and why dedicated servers are critical to your businesss. Analyse your …

How to Calculate Concurrent Users with Google Analytics?

How to Calculate Concurrent Users with Google Analytics Data?

With the help of Google Analytics concurrent users can be calculated for any given time. You can use the below-mentioned formula to calculate concurrent visitors.  …

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