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Boosting JadeBlue Speed

Increasing JadeBlue Speed and Performance by 2X

ServerGuy optimized the JadeBlue server and platform to boost up the store.
Reduced the loading time, and blocking time to improve the performance.

Best WordPress Firewall Plugin

Top 10 Best WordPress Firewall Plugin to Filter Spam Traffic

Looking for the best WordPress firewall plugin to tighten up the security of your website.
We analyse and listed the top 10 WordPress WAF plugins.

Change WordPress Login URL

How to Change WordPress Login URL?

Learn how to change the WordPress login URL with or without plugins, easily, and safely.
Step by step process to harden WP login security.

Email going to Spam

Why your email goes to spam and how to prevent it?

Email going to spam is a huge problem when you are running a email campaign.
It can reduce your delivery and cost money and reputation.

how to increase PHP time limit in WordPress

How to Increase PHP Time Limit for a WordPress Site?

Sometimes WordPress site encounters PHP errors due to low time limits.
Learn how to increase the PHP time limit in WordPress.

How to Change WordPress Username?

How To Safely Change WordPress Username?

Do you want to change your WordPress username? Follow these two methods to do it properly and safely.

Best VPN Service for WordPress Users

Top 3 Best VPN Service for WordPress Users (2021 – Review)

Use the best VPN service for WordPress users to tighten the website security.
As internet users are increasing, the use of VPN is increasing as well.

Core Web Vitals for Magento 2

Core Web Vitals for Magento 2: Test & Improve with Checklist

Learn how you can improve Core Web Vitals for Magento 2 store. Run test, and find the issues to solve. Checklist Included.

difference between ftp and sftp

What is the difference between FTP and SFTP?

One difference between FTP and SFTP is of security, as the SFTP use SSH protocol to transfers data between two points.
Learn More.

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