Black Friday and Cyber Monday Social Media Tips to Help you Crush Holidays

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Social Media Tips

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Two of the most significant Holiday events of the Year.

The best way to reach the potential customers today is through their mobile phone, that means, via Social Media.

I am sure you are planning to run various social media campaigns. In this article, you will find the social media tips that will help you to crush the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays.

Social Media Tips:

Here are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Social Media Tips.

  1. Be on (Correct) Social Media
  2. Update your Brand Images
  3. Create a Sense of Urgency
  4. Targeted Gift Guides
  5. Use Specific Hashtags
  6. Power of Emotions
  7. Schedule Social Media Posts
  8. Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp Bots
  9. Smooth Mobile Experience
  10. Don’t Post a Lot
  11. Bonus Hack

#1 Be on (Correct) Social Media

The first thing is to have a social media profile on all popular social media platforms. 

However, running each one at the same pace needs resources and budget. That’s why you have to pick up one or two social media platforms that work best for you.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

These are the most popular social media platforms. Facebook drives most of the sales, while Instagram is ideal for building bonds with the people. Then there is Snapchat, and TikTok targeted towards the young generation.

You have to do some audience research to find which is the best platform. 

Then you can put your efforts and resources into the channel to yield most ROI.

#2 Update your Brand Images

Though you may not focus on all the social media channels, you can update the brand assets to resonate with the holidays.

I mean, how it will look if amid Black Friday sales, someone opens up your Facebook page, and he finds the cover image of the Statue of Liberty or some sale offer you ran five months ago.

While running a digital marketing campaign on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you have to make sure that all the channels and copies have similar themes.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Social Media Tips

So prepare, all sizes of display images & cover images for all social media profiles and update them. It is wise to add some holiday elements to the covers.

If you are running paid ads, don’t forget to change their style and messaging.

Besides images, you can create a social media post with all of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, and then Pin it at the top. This will make it easier for new visitors to find all the offers.

#3 Create a Sense of Urgency

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are so many sales going on; customers think that if they miss this one, they will get the next. But they also want to get the offer, thinking maybe the next one will not be that good.

So put a sense of urgency into the offers, to make the users buy the product.

You can do it easily with time and product constraints. And sales give you an excellent opportunity to run the flash sales campaigns.

By adding a simple line such as ‘Sale until the Stock Last’ can bring the changes in the conversion rates.

Giving the impression of limited supply, or offers to urge the customers to take some action. You are reducing the purchasing decision time.

There are many words that you can add to your copy and content:

  • Hurry
  • Shop now
  • Limited-time offer
  • Instant savings
  • Save today
  • Limited number available
  • Don’t miss this
  • Today only
  • Free Shipping for First X Customers

#4 Targeted Gift Guides

This comes under content marketing. 

What instead of only selling the product, you are also telling the people what to buy?

This way, you can get the customer from his first step. Then you can direct him to anywhere, and most importantly, to your products.

Look at these Google suggestions:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Social Media Tips Google Suggest Guide for Gifts
Gift Guides Cyber Monday

Google suggested these terms, which means people are searching these queries. 

With keyword research, you can easily find the keyword in your niche that you can target. 

Write a detailed guide, or listicles, and add your product to the article, and reap the reward.

This does not come directly under social media, but it helps a lot. 

For example, you make such a guide, or video guide, then you can promote it easily on social media. People like the content, more than the sales pitches and ads. And there are chances your post, or video might get viral in a certain niche. 

Like making a TikTok where a boy is gifting his girlfriend a Teddy bear that he brought from your shop, what if that gets a good number of likes, it will indeed send sales to you.

Again, create some content to promote on social media. If you have no idea how to make a video guide, FlexClip is a feature-rich online video editor that helps you make stunning videos in minutes.

#5 Use Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are critical for social media reach. Nearly every social media platform uses hashtags. You must use the correct and proper hashtags.

You can find what hashtags are people using by searching it on that social media platform. They display both the popular and recent hashtags.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Social Media Tips Instagram Hashtags

The ideal practice is to make a proper sheet and divide your hashtag according to social media, and what product you are going to promote in the post. Then find the tags closely related to the one you know.

If not all, you must at least use the basic hashtags, such as:

#blackfriday #sale #blackfridaysale #fashion #cybermonday #starkid #promo #christmas #love #shopping #blackfridaymusical #blackfridaydeals #firebringer #thanksgiving

#6 Power of Emotions

The primary things that a marketer should know are he is selling to a human. Humans do not always make rational decisions; they are guided by their emotions – as known as ‘emotional fools’.

If you succeed in evoking emotions in humans – your ultimate target – it means you are using social media correctly. 

Emotional marketing is a whole branch marketing, which means using emotions in content to make your audience notice you, remember you, and buy from you. 

Look at these Coke Ads: 

Each one of them is about some emotion.

Emotions that you can weave in your content:

  • Amusement
  • Pleasure
  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Surprise
  • Hope
  • Happiness
  • Affection
  • Delight
  • Inspiration

#7 Schedule Social Media Posts

This is an essential part of social media strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

The attention span of people on social media is short. You need to make an impression at the time of the day when they are almost ready to share and interact.

So plan and schedule your social media post for the optimum time. 

Moreover, while designing all your social media posts at the same time, you can keep the messaging constant. 

There are so many tools for social media post scheduling that you can use, such as Zoho, Hootsuite, Buffer etc.

When the festival comes, you may don’t get the time to post at the proper time, and timing is everything.

#8 Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp Bots

As timing is everything, and you need to be as fast as possible, you can use social media conversation bots.

AI, ML and NLP have made the bots astonishingly powerful. You can set a complete flow of conversation, and the bot will respond accordingly.

These chatbots answer the quick questions of customers and clear doubts.

The best part is the speed. Customer does not have to wait for the real human to clear his simple doubt such as product returns, and shipping fees.

Facebook Bots

So plan and implement them before you start promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. Save the resources by using automated bots, and also improve customer service.

Learn More about Chatbots: 

#9 Smooth Mobile Experience

Finally, one of the critical parts of optimizing social media for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to make it smooth on mobile.

When uploading images for social media, one tends to use high-quality images, which means images with large size. Sometimes the image size goes up to 5MB.

Though Facebook or Instagram is not hosted on your hosting, so it does not hurt you in that way, but it is still not a good practice. 

For one, high-quality images take time to load, and your customer might be in a hurry. They come to your page/account, and then the product image or the promotional image is loading for 2 seconds. How will it affect your marketing? Negatively.

Similarly, you should optimize the cover, display picture, and social media post images for the best quality in the least size.

#10 Don’t Post a Lot

We know it is a holiday season, and you want to post many offers and posts. But avoid spamming the feed.

If you post every other hour, social media platforms will drop your reach. It happens mostly around the festivals.

Social Media is mainly a content and communication platform, not a selling one. So if you keep sending the sales pitches to the people, customers will get fed up too, and they might unlike/unfollow you.

That’s why find a sweet time spot and schedule posts accordingly.

#Bonus: Make an Engagement Group (Hack)

Engagement groups are the groups of people where you can share your social media posts. The member of the group will like the post, and those initial likes and comments will give a boost to the social media post.

You can make a WhatsApp or telegram group of 9-10 people (don’t overdo it or it will look like spam), and then share the link of your social media post to the group.

But add only those people who will like your post, such as your marketing team members, and working staff.

Final Words

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are surely one of the most significant holiday events of the Year.

You should use all marketing channels (Social Media, Email Marketing, Ads, Traditional) to improve your sales.

But social media is the easiest one to do, and even the smallest business can use it to reach their customers.

With these tips, you can do a lot better social media marketing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One thing is, make sure your site loads appropriately if you get lots of visitors due to viral social media. 

So don’t forget to run a load test on your site.

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