Top 5 Best eCommerce Testing Services

best ecommerce testing services

eCommerce Testing is simply testing of the eCommerce site at various factors.

Before launching, you have to use and browse the site a lot, to check the stability and reliability of multiple elements, pages, links, text boxes, ERP, CRM, supply chain, all the components that make the eCommerce store functions. 

It doesn’t matter what platform (Magento, WordPress, Prestashop) you use to create an eCommerce store; it has to go through quality testing.

If it is a small site, you can do it yourself; if it is a large project, it needs a professional eCommerce testing service.

What eCommerce Testing Services do?

The eCommerce testing services providers have a long list of the tasks and tests that need to be done on the site to find the faults and issues.

This is to make sure that the eCommerce app/site is working at its full potential and the user will not encounter an error. You do not want to go public and then find out that your visitors are encountering errors and issues.

We can divide the tests into the following categories:

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • A/B testing

Functional Testing

Functional means if the site is functional or not. A person can order a product from it or not.

Are the links on the site works, is the forms are collecting the information, is the carousel is loading correctly, and if the currency is changing according to the geographical location.

There are so many functions in an eCommerce store that users take for granted, but remove one, and it will affect the sales.

Usability Testing

The owner has to make sure that the site is usable. Sometimes the sites are too messy, and it is tough to find the desired product. The search does not work efficiently, or the images break abruptly.

The sorting options for products, display of the products, etc. come under user experience and a ranking factor, so it is essential to keep the store’s usability as nice as possible.

Security Testing

Then there is security testing to ensure the store is safe for the user’s transactions. The customer will use the credit cards and other payment methods, and it is the responsibility of the store owners to protect the customer’s data.

The eCommerce testing services try to inject malicious scripts, hack the site, and steal information to verify the eCommerce store’s security.

Performance Testing

How will the store perform during high traffic? The eCommerce testing companies send a huge amount of concurrent traffic at the store to check if the site will crash or not. 

Also, how the speed of the site is changing, or is it constant? How fast can the order be purchased via app or website, and how quickly is the checkout process?

Mobile Application Testing

The eCommerce testing companies ensure that the online store is loading at all the devices, and is responsive.

They make sure that the speed, functionality, usability, and performance of the store remain intact for multiple variants of devices. 

A/B testing

Then the A/B testing provides the best way to set the site’s element for optimum profitability. 

Whether the square button will attract more clicks or the oval button can only be known by A/B testing. By running several A/B campaigns, the eCommerce store owners can find what is working best.

5 Best eCommerce Testing Services

You can either do all the tasks yourself or hire an eCommerce testing services provider that will have tools and team to analyze the site properly.

Best eCommerce testing Services:

  1. CredibleSoft
  2. TestBytes
  3. KiwiQA
  4. Cigniti
  5. Happiest Minds

#1 CredibleSoft

CredibleSoft eCommerce Testing Services

CredibleSoft was founded in 2014, and the company has quickly secured a good position in the software testing market. The company won the “Clutch Top Software Testing Firm” in 2016 and has expanded its service portfolio.

CredibleSoft uses multiple tools to test the eCommerce site’s performance. Such as Crazy Egg, Spur, Google PageSpeed Insights, FiveSecondTest, Optimizely, BrowserStack,, CrossBrowserTesting, Xenu Link Sleuth, SauceLabs.

CredibleSoft eCommerce testing service makes sure that the website is secure, safe, and functional for the users. 

Few eCommerce test by CredibleSoft:

  • UI and User Experience Testing
  • Holiday Readiness Testing
  • PCI Preparedness
  • Credit Card Testing
  • Ecommerce Automation Testing
  • Surveillance testing
  • A/B testing

The thing that makes CredibleSoft different from others is it also develops custom solutions for organizations. You can also hire them to solve the error or to create a solution for the problem that arises in the testing.

CredibleSoft Portfolio: MowJow, DwellAware, GamesJobDirect, Vidlet, etc…

#2 Testbytes

Testbytes eCommerce Testing Services

Testbytes was founded in 2013, and it has become one of the leading software quality testing providers in a short time.

There are nearly 100 employees in Testbytes, and most of them are qualified engineers. Testbytes does the quality test of all types of software and programs. 

However, they have a stronghold on eCommerce site testing. 

TestBytes does not simply test the functionality of the eCommerce site, but it checks out the overall performance and user experience of the store. They take each aspect of the eCommerce store apart and then test it to get accurate results.

  • M-commerce Testing
  • Database testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Payment gateway testing

Testbytes Portfolio: Keepity, Lyriko, Fixle, Greenomarket, etc

#3 KiwiQA

KiwiQA eCommerce Testing Services

Started in 2009, KiwiQA has a decade of experience in providing testing service to an array of businesses. eCommerce site testing is one of the services KiwiQA provides. 

KiwiQA has multiple services for eCommerce testing, and the purpose is to ensure that the eCommerce site is ideal for the customers. They find faulty components, errors, and functionality issues with the website.

Few of the test KiwiQA does are:

  • Load and performance testing
  • Code verification
  • System automation testing
  • User experience testing
  • Sanity Check for E-commerce applications and website
  • Payment gateway and credit card testing
  • Surveillance testing
  • AB testing

KiwiQA also offers the testing service for the specific part of the site. Such as payment gateway, or security errors… You can get domain-specific customized testing services and QA solutions.

KiwiQA Portfolio: SimpleTix, Wibmo, Zipgo, etc

#4 Cigniti


Ciginiti started in 1998 as a private entity, and it became a public company in 2004. Cigniti is one of the largest companies in the software testing business. With offices and branches across the globe, Cigniti is a popular and known company.

With 2 decades of experience, and proven methodologies and techniques, Cigniti makes sure to validate all the functions and performance of the eCommerce store.

Few of the eCommerce site test by Cigiti:

  • Product & Product Category Validation
  • Checkout and Payments Validation
  • Interfaces Validation 
  • Data Validation
  • Performance Validation
  • Security Validation
  • Omni-channel engagement

Cigniti tests everything. Payment system, supply chain, ERP, POS, — all the technology that integrates with the eCommerce site, Cigniti tests it.

If you are looking for comprehensive testing that looks at every angle possible, Cigniti is your option.

Cigniti Portfolio: SnapDeal, IndiGo, HP, MaxLife, etc..

#5 Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds

Founded in 2011, Happiest Minds is another large company that works in the IT field. It offers multiple services, including Infra management, developers, cloud computing, etc..

One of the services is eCommerce Testing. Happiest Minds has a powerful team, and it provides a range of services, and that’s why it is one of the best solutions for eCommerce site Testing. With a good grasp of the eCommerce business processes and the expert team with experience, the Happiest Mind brings a holistic approach to the testing.

Few of the Happiest Minds’ test:

  • Test Automation Engineering
  • Test Strategy and Planning
  • Application-Specific Tool Assessment
  • Performance Testing and Engineering
  • Content Detail and Management Testing
  • Order Management Based Testing
  • Payments Testing

Wrap Up

Evaluating and finding faults in eCommerce stores is critical, and you should not take it lightly. Adding a button to the site can increase the revenue of a website by $300 Million.

But one has to find what button is that, and where it is located.

If you invest in your store and want to give the best to your site, we suggest you use eCommerce testing services. They have experience in this, and they know what they are looking for.

In this post, I mentioned the best 5 companies for eCommerce testing. Check each one, and find the one that is suitable for your project,

If there is any question, please leave them in the comment box.

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