Top 6 Benefits of Managed Hosting For Every Business

Benefits of managed hosting

There are many types of Web Hosting. Website owners are now realizing the benefits of Managed Hosting. Compromising on managed hosting can cause serious problems due to server issues.

Cybercrime Damages to Cost the World $8 Trillion USD in 2023. Therefore, managed hosting has become mandatory now more than ever for every business owner.

Here’s the worldwide market size of application hosting.

application hosting benefits of managed hosting

Benefits of Managed Hosting

The top 6 benefits of managed hosting you should consider instead of going with a self-managed solution.

  1. Lower your operating costs
  2. No need for extra support staff
  3. Expertise & Security
  4. Server Monitoring
  5. Support Anytime, Every time
  6. Backups

1. Lower your Operating Costs

There are indeed a lot of hidden costs to unmanaged hosting services. There’s a need to hire database admins, system admins, and other staff to manage your servers.

However, going with a managed service provider eliminates these additional costs. If you hire a good hosting provider, you can save your money and invest in customer relationships.

Magento- Hosting

2. No Need for Extra Support Staff

When you hire a team and train them to support your clients 24*7, it could be very expensive. Having professional support means there’s no need to train your staff or put in additional resources.

They will provide guaranteed 24*7*365 technical support.

If any issue arises, they resolve it without affecting your traffic. You will save your company money, resources, and time.

3. Expertise & Security

Hiring experts enable you to focus on core business goals and competencies. Website and customer data protection should be the top priority. Your managed hosting providers will run:

  • Virus Scanning
  • Software Firewall Configuration
  • Spam Filtering
  • Updates of OS
  • Running Audits for Security & more

This way they ensure they have an upper hand in security-related issues and you have peace of mind. In fact, they will identify the vulnerabilities before your servers are being attacked.

benefits of managed hosting

4. Server Monitoring

Managed services enable proactive detection of vulnerabilities and irregularities to ensure nothing impacts the productivity of your business.

Thus, keeping your site and server working efficiently 24×7.

Whereas, if you go for unmanaged hosting, you will need a special set of skills or hire a tech team for monitoring and administrating your servers. Thus, multiplying your operational costs.

5. Support Anytime, Every time

A good and reliable web hosting provider will offer support to you 24*7 and who can be reached through different modes – live chat, support ticket or phone.

The support staff is trained in resolving glitches and preventing minor issues before they turn major.

This is one of the most popular benefits of managed hosting.

6. Backups

With managed hosting, you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

It is backed up automatically and secured since a reliable managed hosting provider will have DR strategies to handle the loss if any.

Going unmanaged means you will not be able to back your data efficiently and probably will lose some. If you lose some, you are responsible for taking necessary measures to prevent it from happening any further.

What Do We offer in Managed Hosting?

For being able to give you the complete benefits of managed hosting, we offer managed services at two levels:

Managed Level

  • Simple Migrations
  • Updates & Patches
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Server Backup Restoration
  • Managed Firewall
  • Server performance reports
  • Max time per month: 5 hours

Intensive Level

  • Complex Migrations
  • Server virus scanning
  • Hacking Recovery
  • Performance Optimization
  • Server Admin Consultation
  • Server performance reports
  • Max time per month: 10 hours
benefits of managed hosting

Have special needs? Schedule a FREE consultation with our experts and customize a plan according to your requirements.

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  1. I’m glad that I found this post, this is really a brilliant idea! You know I don’t have knowledge on this, as a beginner I have to study what can benefits me with my site. In hosting, I used for my site but I also wanted to know more about this services as I want a hassle free when maintaining a site.

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