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Reasons why your mail server may go offline and become inaccessible may include an Internet connection outage, a server reboot, patching or software upgrades or even a complete and catastrophic failure of your mail server. As a business owner or system administrator you know just how critical your email is for your users and your business, and having a correctly configured Backup MX service is one part of your disaster recovery plan.

With ServerGuy’s Backup MX, our system will automatically backup your mail and act as a queue while your mail server is offline.

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Love the support and service at ServerGuy. They are making my life as a #webdevelopment business owner much easier!

Rohin Jain

Director, WebAppMate

My websites were getting attacked by bots or DDOSed but now that I'm with you guys; I haven't had a single issue.

Gopal Krishna

Chief Digital Officer, Eyedo

My e-commerce store loads much faster and the support I get is also amazing. Moving to ServerGuy was one of the best decisions

Rajarshi Guha

Co-Founder, NavrangCreations

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