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We offer Fully Managed Azure Cloud Services for your Business, So that you can focus on growth and sales.

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Azure Management

Managed Azure Cloud Hosting

Deploy and Scale Easily


We’ll evaluate your business infrastructure to make the migration smooth.
Deploy and Scale Easily


We will keep managing and maintaining the Azure architecture for you after the migration.
Optimized Digital Ocean Performance


Our expert team will create a customised design with respect to your business goals.
Optimized Digital Ocean Performance


Don’t worry about the safety of your cloud asssets. Our cloud experts will take care of it.
24x7 Expert Support


We will ease the transition to Azure for you, be it hybrid solution or complete cloud migration.
24x7 Expert Support


Get 24*7 support from our technical team for all the issues and cloud problems.

Azure Cloud Services Consultation

Azure Management

What is Azure Cloud?

Azure Cloud is a cloud computing service provided by Microsoft. It helps businesses to build, manage and deploy applications using the multiple tools and frameworks.

Its solution package includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) that are useful for analytics, storage, networking, virtual computing and much more.

Advantages of Cloud


Cloud-based services are capable of adapting to the business needs quickly. It is an ideal option for businesses with fluctuating demand.

Data Recovery:

Taking backups of the Data and implementing disaster recovery solutions with Cloud saves time and resources.

Unified Platform:

All the tools and programs can be accessible by the team from the remote location.

Azure Management

Complete Azure Solution


Azure Infrastructure Management

Network Device Monitoring

Network Device Management

Server Monitoring and Management

Database Management

Storage/Database Architecture

Database Monitoring

Database Maintenance

Database Software

Security & Compliance

Network Based Security

Application Based Security

Security Risk Assessment

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Cloud Consultation

Cloud Migration

Change Management

Release Management

Patch Management


Why should I use Azure?
Azure is a cloud computing provided by Microsoft. It offers lots of tools under one platform that are best for the deployment of web apps.

Azure is a secure, fast, and reliable platform.

Why do we need managed services?
You need Azure Management services so your technical team can put effort into the core business.

The team at ServerGuy is expert and experienced in managing the Azure Cloud services. We will configure it properly so you could get the optimal performance from it. 

Why do I need Managed Azure Services, when I can do it myself?
Yes, you can buy the Azure Cloud service yourself. Though, setting up the Azure environment for the deployment is more complicated than you think.

It takes an experienced person to manage and execute the various functions in the environment. Even after all the setup, you have to maintain it and keep it updated to ensure the optimal performance.

How much control does the Azure Management service will give me?
You will have total control over all of your projects. We will be maintaining the environment and the software so you can have the latest tech to work on.

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