Why you Must Attend the Meet Magento India? (2021)

why attend meet magento india 2021

Every year, thousands of people come together for the largest Magento Meetup in India – Meet Magento India.

What is Meet Magento?

Meet Magento is an annual meetup organised by Magento partners. A large number of people participate in the event, including retailers, developers, eCommerce business owners, and various service providers. They all interact with each other and share ideas.

Meet Magento 2021 is happening on February 4. Due to safety precautions, Meet Magento is online this year.

ServerGuy is a sponsor of the event.

Why you should attend the Meet Magento India Online?

You must attend Meet Magento for:

  1. Networking
  2. Knowledge of Experts
  3. Clear your Doubts
  4. Community Gathering
  5. Latest Trends
  6. Giveaways, Deals, Contests
  7. Get Swag


The most significant advantage of going to Meet Magento is Networking.

As it is the largest Magento event in the country, you can be sure that you will find the top eCommerce experts, Magento partners, developers, and market leaders.

The meetup brings the beginners, intermediate, and expert users of Magento at one stage. It is a great chance to interact with like-minded people and begin collaborative projects.

Meetups are also a way to find potential partners and clients. These partnerships could help you a lot in growing your business.

Knowledge of Experts

The community leaders give presentations and shared their ideas. If you are attending a Meet, you get to watch the exclusive presentation of experts. 

Only experienced and knowledgeable people take the stage. This year, 25+ speakers are coming from across the globe to present their ideas in front of attendees.

You can learn a lot by just listening to them.

Clear your Doubts

All the attendees get to interact with the experts and ask their questions. You can personally interact with them and resolve your queries directly.

If you are running your business around Magento, and you have any doubts, there will be someone live at the Meet Magento to solve the problem.

People from all industries and backgrounds come to the Meetup to interact and participate in the event. As this year, the event is online, you will find attendees and speakers on the same platform.

Community Gathering

One of the best benefits of attending Meet Magento India Online is to get insight into the Indian magento community. More than 1000 people are coming to Meetup.

From the first steps, you get the feeling of belonging. You interact with people who have the same ideas as you. The intuitive platform allows you to interact with other attendees.

Magento is like a family, and Meet Magento 2021 is like a big festival gathering.

Latest Trends

What is the best place to learn the latest trends other than the Meetup, where all the industry experts are gathering?

Meet Magento events are the locus point of building relations and gathering ideas about the future of Magento. You could go to the business owner, and inquire about their latest products or their business roadmap.

Not only this, all the sponsors and partners set-up the online stalls to teach the attendees about their latest services.

You get to learn the latest trends and upcoming trends when you attend the Meet Magento. Such invaluable knowledge helps you to make the best decision for your business.

Giveaways, Deals, Contests

Magento partners and business owners run giveaways for the attendees. They offer discounts and deals to make new customers.

Various game is always going on where you can win more discounts and deals. Multiple contests and games do not let the Meet Magneto become boring.

This time the games and fun will be online.

It is not only work, but play and work, and more often, more play than work.

meet magento swags

Get Swag

Don’t forget the Swag.

Many organizations bring Swags and promotional merchandise to distribute. It varies from keyrings to Pendrive to Coffee Mugs…

All in all, you get to take the souvenir.

As the last year, ServerGuy is coming with Swag. Be there to find out what it is?

When is Meet Magento 2021 Happening?

Meet Magento India is happening online this year. You can find the venue of the Meet here.

ServerGuy is sponsoring the event. Mr. Arun Bansal, CEO of ServerGuy is a speaker at the event.

Register today. Do not miss it.

Meet Magento India 2021
why attend meet magento india 2021 meet magento

Meet Magento India 2021 Online is a leading Magento conference that happens annually. People from the different field related to eCommerce share the same ground, to share ideas, and stories.

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