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APM is crucial for monitoring the performance and availability of your software application. ServerGuy strives to detect and diagnose performance problems of your app so as to maintain expected level of service availability. For that we monitor and manage your application and infrastructure 24×7 ensuring the shortest downtime and immediate alerts of performance degradation or service unavailability.


Key Features


See your browser and app performance trends – from page load times, to error rates, slow transactions, and a list of servers running the app.


Transaction Trace

Visualizing where your app is spending its time is a game-changer. We give you visibility into the transactions that give your users trouble.

SQL Queries

Track the exact SQL statements that are slowing down your site. Get the context to understand exactly where the SQL is used in your code.


Thread Profiler

Transaction Tracing provides deep visibility into the cause of application performance issues down to the tiniest detail.

Deploy Comparison

Allows you to see before and after picture of your app’s performance when a change has been deployed.

Key Transactions

Key Transactions monitor, manage and track the most important business transactions independent of the overall application.

Application Performance Monitoring plans start @ Rs. 4999/mo

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Love the support and service at ServerGuy. They are making my life as a #webdevelopment business owner much easier!

Rohin Jain

Director, WebAppMate

My websites were getting attacked by bots or DDOSed but now that I'm with you guys; I haven't had a single issue.

Gopal Krishna

Chief Digital Officer, Eyedo

My e-commerce store loads much faster and the support I get is also amazing. Moving to ServerGuy was one of the best decisions

Rajarshi Guha

Co-Founder, NavrangCreations

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