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ServerGuy is a managed cloud company that helps businesses of all sizes harness the power of cloud computing without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own. Our man + machine approach simplifies the process of management, migration, security, and optimisation of customer’s cloud infrastructure.


We run your servers, you run your business!

We have an experienced in-house team of 20+ Engineers who are professionally educated, certified by Microsoft, RedHat and AWS, and available 24 hours a day so you don’t have to lose sleep worrying about your servers.


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New technologies excite us,
New challenges motivate us and
Customer success drives us.


We believe that hosting goes beyond just infrastructure to the service level. You need so much more than just a piece of real estate where your website or application can reside. You need a partner.

Imagine an extended team of Cloud experts watching over your critical websites and applications 24x7 at fraction of a cost of hiring an in-house Sys-Admin that has limited skills and knowledge and works 8x5 a week. Now add cost optimisations and improvements of your architecture above that. How does it sound? Amazing, right? This is what ServerGuy does for you!

Since 2009, we’ve groomed the best team and technology that a website owner could dream of. Whether you’re a Magento store owner who needs maximize performance, or a WordPress developer that rests easy having an expert team that understands how to scale with your success; ServerGuy is the right choice for you.

Our Story

ServerGuy today is very different from ServerGuy back in 2009. We started out from residence of one of the Founders and with a handful of clients. Today, we operate a global hosting platform with hundreds of clients spread across the globe. Many of these clients grew as ServerGuy grew, evolving from small businesses into large enterprises requiring complex hosting solutions and we’ve taken great pleasure in helping them reach their potential.

Our values haven’t changed: we still focus on building the fastest hosting and providing the best customer support in the industry.


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