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We're building the world's fastest platform for Magento & WordPress
ServerGuy is loved by the global community, from individuals to multinational corporations. All the achievements would not have been possible without the solid team who is strong and passionate about building the best hosting solution for WordPress and Magento.
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What we do

We're are simplifying Magento & WordPress Hosting
We take care of your Magento, WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting —from infrastructure and technology to global deployment,speed, security, and support—so you’re free to explore new ideas and focus on business performance.

We Love .

Just like you, we are all members of the Magento and WordPress community: users, developers, and enthusiasts. We also try to give back whenever we can by supporting local communities, sponsoring events like Meet Magento, Wordcamps, and meetups, thus contributing to Magento and WordPress core development.

Over the past decade, ServerGuy has:

Helped over 1 million people optimize their websites

Logged more than 1.59 million hours of customer support

Blocked millions of malware, bad bots and phishing attacks

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